I come highly recommended by those who have used my services before and/or know me personally.

Have Dogs, Will Travel

I’ve had years of experience working in the pet industry with great working knowledge of animal behavior. In the past, I’ve worked at a doggie day care and a boarding facility. I’ve swam with dogs for water therapy and I’ve also clocked in my time working at a dog boutique and bakery. I love all animals! I have taken care of chickens, to iguana’s, to ducklings, to sugar gliders. I have been a caretaker for special-needs dogs and cats that are deaf, blind, in need of insulin injections, or special medications. If you have an exotic pet, or an animal I haven’t listed, feel free to inquire about care.

More people are inquiring on my traveling services now, as it’s not easy to find someone you can fully trust in your home and to take care of your babies.

• Frequently Asked Questions •

Do I book and pay for your roundtrip flight?

Yes. We discuss dates and times and together arrange for me to fly out when needed. It’s best if I’m flown in the night before you depart to avoid any delays or mishaps. When I arrive, we can get acquainted, go over your dogs routine and show me where everything is at.

Who flys someone out to petsit for them?

Believe me, I’ve gotten this response a few times.

Sometimes the family has moved and doesn’t know anyone in their area to acquire a referral. Instead of hiring a complete stranger to take care of their companions and their home, they hire me. Besides… most petsitting businesses hire out and don’t guarantee the same person you interviewed will be caring for your pets.

Isn’t it crazy expensive to pay for airfare and petsit costs?

Actually no. Because my rates start at such a low price compared to most and additional services are included, you come out ahead. For example, most petsitters start at $85 per night and only include up to 12 hours of care. So you can imagine just how pricey things can get when you also have to pay for pet care during the day in addition to an overnight charge.

What services are included?

I include all the regular services I usually include when in-home petsitting, along with additional services that I normally charge extra for, such as walks, field trips and spa treatments. I can drive you to the airport and pick you up when you return home. I even wash bedding, towels I’ve used, vacuum and tidy up before you arrive home.

Most importantly, you can be at ease knowing that I will give your pets the utmost one on one attention and care and take care of your home, just the same.

We’ll set up a one-time consultation to get acquainted. If everything checks out then we’ll make it official!


I have always been an animal lover. It wasn’t until my husband and I rescued our first dog that everything changed…


When I’m not caring for animals, I’m painting and creating art. I’ve shown my work in galleries around the world.