About Me

Jaime Foster is a professional artist, animal caregiver, activist and founder of The Sophisticated Hound.

I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember…I grew up rescuing turtles and ducklings off of busy roads, raising baby birds, even rescuing a starved coonhound walking home from school one day. But it wasn’t until my husband and I rescued our first dog together- Schroeder, that everything changed for me.

That little blue-heeler beagle, with his stubby tail and mis-matched body, opened my heart to the unconditional love that a dog gives. His love and companionship changed me forever and showed me the importance of animal rescue. He’s pictured as the company’s mascot, after all, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for him.

After Schroeder passed, we decided to rescue another to help fill the enormous hole in our hearts. Fast forward a few months later…Scrolling on Petfinder, I came across a freckled, red-heeler puppy that was born deaf. He was being overlooked because of his disability and was the last of two remaining from the litter. I had to meet him and as you probably guessed it, I was smitten.

I didn’t know anything about caring for a dog that couldn’t hear, but with the help of “Deaf Dogs Rock” and researching signs on YouTube, I learned how to understand and communicate with my new friend. Linus now knows over 50 hand signs, he’s so incredibly smart!

A year after adopting Linus, we knew he needed a companion, especially one who could essentially ‘be his ears’. After discovering over 70,000 beagles a year are tested on, I applied to foster through an amazing organization called Beagle Freedom Project.

The day we brought Casper home, he was here to stay. The first year was a bit rough…He was nervous outdoors, loud noises scared him and his little muscles and bones were so brittle. He had spent his entire life, 4 1/2 years in a metal cage. Through a lot of patience, love and learning how to be a dog from his brother Linus, he has come so far.

Being a Beagle Freedom Project adopter has introduced me to incredible friendships and has given me the opportunity to travel and petsit. I have traveled to Austin, Palm Beach, Louisville and several times to Denver to petsit for some of my favorite people.

When I’m not caring for animals, I’m painting and creating. I’ve shown my work in galleries across the country, as well as Europe. I also ran my own photography studio for years, documenting stories for the local newspapers and shooting weddings and portraits.

If you’re curious to view my paintings and read the articles I’ve written, see the links below.

The Longest Goodbye: How We Cared For Our Dog With Cancer

It was just two days before Thanksgiving when Schroeder was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had undergone surgery for hyperparathyroidism when the doctors discovered a mass…


Casper the Laboratory Beagle: An Adoption Success Story

It was only about five years ago when I learned that over 70,000 beagles were tested annually. When I thought about animal testing, I had always envisioned mice, lab, rats and rabbits.


The Pet Project: Portraits For a Cause

After reading story after story of all of the animal abuse and neglect in the world, I had to do more for animals in need. At the start of 2018, I turned my art focus toward animal portraits, donating 25% of sales back to shelters.